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Disused Viaducts

In recent years PCR have worked extensively in the restoration of Disused Viaducts and Bridges on redundant rail lines throughout the United Kingdom.

PCR are specialists in the provision of specialist access to a vast range of Structures in Masonry and Steel Bridges and Viaducts.  Our innovative approach to bespoke design access systems which include aluminium work platforms, suspended cradles, rope access and slung scaffolds enable economical access solution to structures that prohibit traditional scaffolding and crane access because of their geological locations.  Once the access system is established our multi-disciplined in-house team consisting of drillers, masons, platers, welders and painters can carry out the repairs to a high standard.

Our expertise in access solutions has been continuously developed and expanded over many years, providing all our customers with technical support, specification and design services, helping our clients choose the most efficient access and maintenance solution for many historic structures.