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PCR along with our sub contractor AJ Fabtech who are similarly RQSC registered are fully audited to construct and erect new footbridges for the Rail and Highways industries.

PCR are certified to the The Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme for Bridgeworks (RQSC)

The new member will be installed in full compliance with the method statement and risk assessment.

The RQSC allows certified users to work on the following

  • Bridges made principally from plate girders
  • Bridges made principally from trusswork
  • Bridges with stiffened complex platework (eg in decks, box girders or arch boxes)
  • Cable-supported bridges (eg cable-stayed or suspension) and other major structures (eg 100 metre span)
  • Moving bridges
  • Bridge refurbishment
  • Footbridge and sign gantries
  • Ancillary structures in steel associted with bridges, footbridges or sign gantries (eg grillages, purpose-made temporary works)  

The company also repairs the footbridges by overplating, splice plating, resin plating bonding, rebolting, shotblasting and repainting, and Bearing replacement.