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Glazing & Cladding

Currently and in recent year's PCR have carried out 3 main projects at West Burton, Cottam and Kingsorth Power Stations. The Projects included for the removal of all Georgian wired glass, asbestos seals and aluminium frames and mullions.

In many cases the glazing was failing due to advanced corrosion of the aluminium elements due to exposure to flue dust and Chloride attack.  In line with the Client's instruction specialist suspended cradles were erected to give full access to the Boiler House and Turbine Hall building fabric. The glazing, frame and Asbestos seals were removed to HSE conditions. Having exposed the existing purlins these were shotblasted and repainted with a coating system giving a 25 year life span.

In all cases we chose to use FILON Supasafe (triple reinforced) rooflights.  These rooflights are manufactured from polyester resins and glassfibre, with two additional reinforcement layers compared with conventional GRP rooflights.  They have been assessed in accordance with ACR(M)001-2005 for Fragility of Roofing Assemblies.  Under this classification they achieve a Class B Non-Fragility rating providing comparable impact resistance and load bearing capabilities to a 0.7mm steel sheet.


The 6m length sheets were hoisted to the work area and fastened to the existing purlins with galvanised steel bolts and all laps sealed with a silicone seal.  Other areas of work include erection of steel frames over existing skylights and sheeting over with Filon Supasafe sheets.

The range of Structures worked on include Power Station buildings, Oil Storage Tanks, Vessels and Tall Buildings.

Case Studies

Ballylumford Power Station

Principal Contractor providing suitable labour, access and a safe route to remove the existing cladding and insulation

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