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Ballylumford Power Station

Through competitive tendering we were awarded this contract by Mott McDonald working at Ballylumford Power Station on behalf of Premier Power, now known as AES Energy, in Northern Ireland.

PCR acted as Principal Contractor providing suitable labour, access and a safe route to remove the existing cladding and insulation to the walls and roofs of these huge oil storage tanks.  Because the tanks were in a poor condition special care had to be taken whilst working on the roofs and accessing the tanks; in this respect the stairways were condemned so scaffold towers were constructed to enable access to and from the tanks.  All removed material was subjected to stringent environmental measures on site and was disposed of at licensed tips. 

  • Provided a secure exclusion zone to the work area                                                                                     
  • Worked closely in cooperation with the Client to ensure
  • Installed safe systems of access and rescue at height devices
  • Using power tools the mild steel cladding was removed and cut into manageable pieces for disposal.
  • Insulation was stacked neatly and secured before being removed into 40 cubic yard skips
  • All works were carried out in-house