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Flare Stacks

PCR carry out comprehensive maintenance to a wide range of flare stacks of:

  • Lattice supported Flare Stacks
  • Guy supported Flare Stacks
  • Self supported Flare Stacks
  • Ground Flares

PCR can supply New and Refurbished Flare Tips, Molecular Seals, Knock out Drums, Ignitors, Thermocouplers, Guy Wires, Steam and Ignitors, Pipework, Aircraft warning lights.


We carry out the following items of work:

  • Flare Tip and Molecular Seal replacements
  • Structure realignment
  • Retensioning Guy Wires
  • Flux core NDT testing of Guy Wires
  • Regreasing of Guy Wires
  • Knock out drum weld inspection and recoating
  • Water Seal weld inspection and repair
  • On line inspection of Flare Tips using Drones
  • Guy Wire replacement

Flare Tips can be replaced using modular Davit systems incorporating a wire hoist, this eliminates the need for large Cranes especially when the Structures are at heights of 550ft and inaccessible for heavy plant.

PCR regularly carry out Flare Stack refurbishments in many parts of the World and have the ability to quickly mobilise a specialist team to perform the listed tasks.

Case Studies

Flare Tip Replacement, Middle East

A contract to carry out the flare tip and molecular seal replacement has been completed on 2 flare stacks in the Middle East within the programme requirements.

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