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On-line Chimney Inspection Camera

PCR have perfected the requirement of inspecting the chimney lining whilst the Chimney is on line.

The benefit of this equipment allows maintenance engineers to survey their chimneys without having to plan for a turnaround or shutdown. 


  • During our development of the camera we had to consider the extreme heat within the industrial chimneys upto 300 degrees C
  • Danger to personnel working at the top of the Chimney due to heat and noxious gases

The hazards are fully considered and an engineered proposal has been developed as follows:

The lining is filmed with a self contained system within a heat capsule, the equipment consists of 4 videos at 90 degree points recording onto SD cards, the capsule  also houses powerful lighting to enhance imagery.

The camera is delivered to the top of the Chimney using a 10m vertical length telescopic davit that allows the workforce to be approx 5m from the top of the chimney at all times.

Once the camera is winched to the top of the davit this davit is swung into the centre of the chimney and the camera lowered to the base of the lining.  

For a typical survey the camera can be lowered, raised and withdrawn from the Chimney within 30 minutes.