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MEET THE TEAM: David Richardson, Director

David Richardson, Director at PC Richardson's gives insight into his favourite aspects of the job and why he thinks we have had continued success for almost a century.

We believe success relies heavily upon having a passionate and strong team behind the company name, and today we meet Director, David Richardson.

David is a key member of the team and has expereince in almost every activity there is, from marketing to project management and contract administration to logistics. He has been working here for over two decades and has a vast skill set and understanding of all operations; having started his career at PCR as a member of the workforce on site has enabled a full and total understanding of whats required for particular projects.

One extremely important reason for David's dedication to the company is due to the fact PCR is a family business. Having been established in 1918 by David's Grandfather, Percy Charles Richardson, the family heritage is a driving force behind operations.

David explained that the built in culture at PCR, which has developed continually for almost a century, is to never give up and to always give the client what they require. The most rewarding part of David's job is 'the completion of a successful contract both safely and within programme. When you realise that all those difficult meetings, working long into the night to keep up to date with the paperwork, being away from my family for weeks on end and staying in unfamiliar surroundings are fully paid off.' 


We have some very exciting projects coming up which will be documented on our website and social media channels.