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Middle East

Since 1993 PCR have successfully diversified into the Countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. The type of work we engage is within the Oil, Gas, Power and Water Distillation Sectors and this tends to be mainly Industrial Chimneys, Flare Stack and Tall Buildings.

The work is split down as follows:

Flare Stacks

PCR carry out comprehensive maintenance to a wide range of flare stacks of:

  • Lattice supported Flare Stacks
  • Guy supported Flare Stacks
  • Self supported Flare Stacks
  • Ground Flares

PCR can supply New and Refurbished Flare Tips, Molecular Seals, Knock out Drums, Ignitors, Thermocouplars, Guy Wires, Steam and Ignitors Pipework, Aircraft warning lights.

  • Flare Tip and Molecular Seal replacements
  • Structure realignment
  • Retensioning Guy Wires.
  • Flux core NDT testing of Guy Wires
  • Regreasing of Guy Wires
  • Knock out drum weld inspection and recoating
  • Water Seal weld inspection and repair
  • On line inspection of Flare Tips using Drones
  • Guy Wire replacement

Flare Tips can be replaced using modular Davit systems incorporating a wire hoist, this eliminates the need for large Cranes especially when the Structures are at heights of 550ft and inaccessable for heavy plant.

Industrial Chimneys


  • Steel Chimneys with or without protective liners
  • Steel Chimneys self supporting or Guyed
  • Brick Chimneys lined with refractory brick and steel liners
  • Concrete Chimneys lined with Refractory brick or steel liners

PCR can offer the most economical means of access and given that most Chimneys involve Plant shutdowns or turnarounds we can offer a 24 hour working pattern to quickly complete all maintenance or inspection work to the clients requirements.

The following access systems are held in readiness for immediate Chimney Projects:

  • Internal telescopic circular work platforms
  • Light weight suspension beams to support the platforms
  • Suspension wires up to 250m in length
  • Electrical hoists at 1000kg SWL to elevate the platforms to maximum heights of 250m
  • Variable speed electric materials hoists that transport materials to and from the platforms
  • Alimaks that provide passenger access to Chimneys to maximum heights of 250m
  • Sky climber cradles that provide passenger access to Chimneys to maximum heights of 250m
  • Steeplejack ladders with built in fall safe system that can be bolted to the full height of the Chimney Shell.
  • Modular Scaffolds that can be bolted to any height of the Chimney giving internal and external access.
  • Suspended work platforms giving 360 degree access to the external surface of a wide range of Chimneys.

Once at the work face PCR can provide the following repair options:-

  • Removal of defective brick or sprayed refractory linings
  • Renewal with heat resistant / acid proof interlocking brickwork
  • Removal of defective steel liners by Jacking or Plasma arc piece meal cutting
  • Renewal of steel liners by Jacking or flange sectioned segments
  • Repair of steel liners by over plating or insertion of plates
  • Relagging of liners with mineral fibre insulation

Tall Buildings

PCR having worked successfully on many Power Plants and Oil Refineries in Qatar, were invited to quote for a 5 year maintanance contract for the iconic 1000ft height, Torch Tower in Qatar. The contract was duly secured and includes for the continual inspection of the outer building fabric and support steelwork and includes all subsquent repairs and repainting.

PCR are 3 years into this challenging project and have successfully solved many maintenance issues that have arisen during this contract period.