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Since the 1980's PCR have carried out a wide range of services across the Sellafield Site. The type of contracts call for a multi functional team that can deliver work packages to deal with a wide variety of waste issues.

Since the 1990's PCR have been actively engaged on numerous projects for Sellafield Ltd and have covered a wide range of activities; as a result we have acumulated in excess of 5,000,000 man hours in blue collar site work.


The type of services provided include;

  • Size Reduction of structures
  • Small demolition and decommissioning tasks as required
  • Logistic support to ILW moves and ILW / pond furnitured contamination tasks
  • Support for the retrieval and consignment of Pond skips as appropriate
  • Provision of a team to assist in Waste's contribution to deliver the programme of high hazard reduction across the site
  • Provision of skilled craft operatives to undertake size reduction and segregation of waste
  • Segregation of steel and other metals for clearance and exemption in line with clients processes
  • Provision and operating of concrete and steel cutting equipment using wire saws
  • Provision of construction plant and vehicles with suitably SQEP operatives to assist operations
  • Provision and operating of lifting equipment
  • Oxy-Propane cutting techniques
  • Plasma Arc cutting techniques
  • Specialist cold cutting techniques (Chop Saw, Rem Saw: Dismantling)
  • Specialist Diamond Wire cutting of all waste types (metal, metal and other appropriate materials)
  • Concrete bursting techniques
  • Small tool dismantling
  • Minor demolition as required
  • Support for plant decommissioning as required, including supply of Riggers, Signalers, appointment persons, Forklift Drivers, Plant Operators
  • Modifications to Pipe bridges across the Site including Shotblasting and painting
  • Lagging and Cladding of pipework and vessels
  • Steelwork dismantling
  • Steelwork refurbishment
  • Steelwork supply and erection and Complex lifts using Cranes or piece meal erection of modular structures using lifting beams and hoists.