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Gordon Metcalfe will be celebrating his 20th year with PCR- Sept 2016

Gordon Metcalfe will be celebrating his 20th year with PCR- Sept 2016

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Project manager, Gordon Metcalfe will be celebrating his 20th year with the company this September.
Find out what his most memorable experiences with PCR are, so far!

Gordon Metcalfe is one of our experienced project managers who is responsible for the running of day to day operations for the Waste Task Team on behalf of Sellafield Ltd in Cumbria. He is an established member of the team and today gives insight into his journey this far.

After leaving school, Mr Metcalfe acquired many years experience in the Motor Mechanic Industry before moving through into Construction. His first role involved Steel Fabrication and Installation works and this job brought him to Sellafield in 1991, where PC Richardson’s were also working at the time. Then, in 1995 a vacancy for PC Richardson’s came available and Mr Metcalfe was invited to apply after showing key skills and attributes the few years before.

Since beginning his career with PCR, Mr Metcalfe has worked on many projects and was given the role of managing the Waste Task Team in 2005 which he continues to do today. This particular contract specialises in steel size reduction and moving operations and therefore demands a logical and practical approach as no two jobs are the same. When asked about his most memorable project, Mr Metcalfe explained that ‘although he enjoys many aspects of the job, a couple of challenging, yet rewarding jobs were firstly, the transportation of a bridge using a Mammoet SPMT and another involved the use of a 1200t mobile crane to load compactors on to transport wagons’.

As September 2016 will mark Gordon’s 20th year with the company, we would all like to say thank you for continued dedication and outstanding performance on behalf of PCR!