• High Level Access Specialists

Building Fabric Maintenance

Using our ability to access tall structures we have lots of experience in cladding and glazing systems for building fabric maintenance.

With a proven track record of providing access to almost any tall building regardless of height and profile, we employ trained height workers who are competent at installing cladding and curtain walling.  Previous projects have involved removal of Georgian wired glass, asbestos seals and aluminium frames and mullions via specialist suspended cradles. Exposed existing purlins shot blasted and repainted with a coating system giving a 25 year life span. FILON Supasafe (triple reinforced) roof-lights then installed;  these are manufactured from polyester resins and glass-fibre, with two additional reinforcement layers compared with conventional GRP roof-lights.

The range of structures worked on for building fabric maintenance include Power Station buildings, Oil Storage Tanks, Vessels and Tall Buildings.

Just some of the activities covering building maintenance include;

  • Tension checking the springs and bolts
  • Applying grease routinely
  • Installation of reinforcing plates to weakened areas of mesh.
  • Periodically removing areas of mesh panels were required.
  • Means of access to carry out the maintenance work by industrial rope access or suspended cradles.

We also offer clients our services to inspect and repair aviation lights, including aircraft warning lights and helipad LEDs. We provide access when required and our electricians are qualified to Level 3 award for Electrical Installations BS7671:2018 (18th Edition).