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Case Studies

Just a small example of the work we undertake

Maintenance Work, Power Station

Isle of Man
Large scaffolding surrounding a railway

Refurbishments to an Overhead Network Rail Bridge

Southport, UK

Chimney Maintenance, Power Station


Replacement of Building Fabric, Power Station

West Burton, UK

Building Maintenance Contract, Qatar


Urgent Repairs, Power Station


Internal and External inspection to 87m high chimney


NDE inspection, tension checks and greasing of guy wires

Saudi Arabia

Football Stadium Surface Protection


Bridge Refurbishment and Installation of Anti Slip Flooring

North Yorkshire, UK

Waterworks Bridge Refurbishment

London, UK

Tunnel and Aqueduct Cleaning

London, UK

Hospital Flue and Aviation Light Inspections

London, UK

Flare Tip Replacement

Middle East

Power Station Chimney Maintenance

North Yorkshire, UK

Bridge Strengthening Works

North Yorkshire, UK

Power Station

Northern Ireland

Chimney Demolition


Bridge Maintenance

Potto, UK

‘The Walkie Talkie’ Building

London, UK

Footbridge Replacement

Great Ayton, UK

Access to Erskine Bridge

West Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire, UK

Bridge Maintenance to Erskine Bridge

West Dunbartonshire with Renfrewshire, UK

ICL Teesport Crane Dismantling

Teesside, UK