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Chimneys and Flare Stacks

PCR have been involved with Chimneys and Flare Stacks since our establishment in 1918 and today see’s us as being one of the UK’s foremost contractors in this field.

Our experience allows for innovative approaches to client’s projects requiring height work and maintenance of chimneys and flare stacks.

Typical repairs and maintenance include;

  • Renewal of brick linings
  • Rebuilding of concrete windshields
  • Rewelding and overlay of steel linings
  • Concrete repairs and coating of chimney windshields
  • Flare tip renewals

Within our company we employ temporary works designers, appointment persons and project managers, which enable us to undertake Plant shutdowns with a degree of confidence.

In the 1990’s our market research suggested that the Middle East was a good location for future work involving Chimney’s and Flare Stacks and this prediction has been realised with many contracts being won in the likes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the UAE.

We have recently completed the renewal of 14 flare tips to guyed and demountable flare structures on a 4 week turnaround in KSA, which required  an in depth project management team and a highly motivated workforce.