• High Level Access Specialists

Specialist Access

We provide a wide range of access solutions for structures such as cable suspension bridges, viaducts, road and rail bridges, tall buildings, cooling towers, chimneys, flare stacks and communication towers.

Industrial rope access has been used for many years to access difficult to reach locations without the use of MEWPs and cranes and is considered a more cost effective means of access. Our success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines in accordance with IRATA that deliver an unrivalled safe working record year after year. Within our core team are level 3 supervisors who have an in depth knowledge of all aspects of rigging and rescue from height.

We also provide suspended cradles which comprise of two electric hoists connected to each end of an aluminium cradle; each hoist is connected to two suspension wires with one acting as a fail safe wire in case the main wires fails. All suspension wires are hung from a weight tested roof beam or moveable gantry. Before use each cradle is weight tested and logged into a site lifting log. On completion of the installation the cradle is weight tested and inspected by a third party lifting house.



Bespoke access systems are designed by our engineers and independent designs checked by third parties. Access solutions include aluminium work platforms suspended from traversing beams built into the platform and hung from the structure and temporary works, suspended cradles hung from moveable gantries.

Other access techniques include abseiling and boson’s chair operatives. We also employ from within the company riggers, slingers, steeplejacks, IRATA technicians, confined space and appointed persons.

Our access technicians are trained in line with IRATA and ATLAS standards.

Chimney Repair Options

  • Removal of defective brick or sprayed refractory linings
  • Renewal with heat resistant / acid proof interlocking brickwork
  • Removal of defective steel liner by jacking or plasma arc piece meal cutting
  • Renewal of steel liners by jacking or flange sectioned segments
  • Repair of steel liners by over plating or insert plates
  • Re-lagging all liners is the final operation

Safety Assured

The company has numerous steeplejacks and IRATA personnel who operate and maintain the access systems and to maintain the workforce we train apprentices through the CITB facility at Bircham Newton.