• High Level Access Specialists

Nuclear Site Services

Since the 1980’s PCR have continuously carried out a wide range of services across the Sellafield Site and other locations throughout the United Kingdom.

The type of contracts call for a multi fuctional team that can deliver work packages to deal with a wide variety of waste issues.

Team members must be fully conversant with all aspects of delivering the work safely and efficiently and providing accurate and informative post job reviews.

Contracts encompass the following:-

  • Size Reduction of structures
  • Small demolition and decommissioning tasks as required
  • Currently on the task delivery team and pipebridge maintenance contract for the Beta Gamma Remediation Team (BGRT)
  • Support for the retrieval and consignment of Pond skips as appropriate
  • Provision of a team to assist in Waste’s contribution to deliver the programme of high hazard reduction across the site
  • Provision of skilled craft operatives to undertake size reduction and segregation of waste
  • Segregation of steel and other metals for clearance and exception in line with clients processes
  • Provision and operating of concrete and steel cutting equipment using wire saws
  • Provision of construction plant and vehicles with suitably SQEP operatives to assist operations
  • Provision and operating of lifting equiptment
  • Oxy-Propane cutting techniques
  • Plasma Arc cutting techniques
  • Specialist cold cutting techniques (Chop Saw, Rem Saw: Dismantling)
  • Specialist Diamond Wire cutting of all waste types (metal, metal and other appropriate materials)
  • Concrete bursting techniques
  • Small tool dismantling
  • Minor demolition as required
  • Support for plant decommissioning as required, including supply of Riggers, Signalers, appointment persons, Forklift Drivers
  • Plant Operators
  • Modifications to Pipe bridges across the Site including Shotblasting and painting
  • Lagging and Cladding of pipework and vessels
  • Steelwork dismantling
  • Steelwork refurbishment
  • Steelwork supply and erection.
  • Complex lifts using Cranes or piece meal erection of modular structures using lifting beams and hoists