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Chimney Maintenance

For almost 100 years 3 generations of the Richardson family have been involved with the construction and maintenance of Industrial Chimneys.


We can therefore fully understand the various problems associated with the planned maintenance of Chimneys and offer valuable advice to our client's as to the most affective means of inspection and preventive maintenance for the following:

  • Steel Chimneys with or without protective liners

  • Steel Chimneys self supporting or Guyed

  • Brick Chimneys lined with refractory brick and steel liners

  • Concrete Chimneys lined with Refractory brick or steel liners

PCR can offer the most economical means of access and given that most Chimneys involve Plant shutdowns or turnarounds we can offer a 24 hour working pattern to quickly complete all maintenance or inspection work to the clients requirements.

The following access systems are held in readiness for immediate Chimney Projects

  • Internal telescopic circular work platforms
  • Light weight suspension beams to support the platforms
  • Suspension wires up to 250m in length
  • Electrical hoists 1000kg SWL to elevate the platforms up to heights of 250m
  • Variable speed electric materials hoists that transport materials to and from the platforms
  • Alimaks that provide passenger access to Chimneys up to 250m in height
  • Sky climber cradles that provide passenger access to Chimneys up to 250m in height
  • Steeplejack ladders with built in fall safe system that can be bolted to the full height of the Chimney Shell
  • Modular Scaffolds that can be bolted to any height of the Chimney giving internal and external access
  • Suspended work platforms giving 360 degree access to the external surface of a wide range of Chimneys

Once at the work face PCR can provide the following repair options;

  • Removal of defective brick or sprayed refractory linings
  • Renewal with heat resistant / acid proof interlocking brickwork
  • Removal of defective steel liner by Jacking or Plasma arc piece meal cutting
  • Renewal of steel liners by Jacking or flange sectioned segments
  • Repair of steel liners by over plating or insert plates
  • Relagging all liners is the final operation

The company has numerous Steeplejacks and IRATA personnel who operate and maintain the access systems and to maintain the workforce we train apprentices through the CITB facility at Bircham Newton.

Case Studies

Specialist Access & Chimney Maintenance, Middle East

PCR have successfully completed a works package which involved the provision of access to undertake the painting & cladding repairs to 8No Gas Turbine Chimneys

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